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Before My Brother Came


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Chloe’s brother seems to ruin everything. If only she could be alone! But when her wish comes true she sets off on a quest to find him and bring her brother home.

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63 reviews for Before My Brother Came

  1. Aaron Hoffman

    This is a great book. Beautiful illustrations are weaved trough an interesting and reliable story. Enjoyable for parents and children alike.

  2. Haley Rohrbaugh (verified owner)

    My daughter was 4 1/2 when her brother arrived. She has been so adaptable and accepting, but I wondered how much she was actually sharing with us, about how she was ACTUALLY feeling about this huge change in her life. This book is ESSENTIAL to open up some discussion points for your kiddos who may not know how to express their feelings after adding a new member of our family. She and her brother are best friends, but this book helped her to address some big feelings with us and that is priceless. Love it – thank you!

  3. Joanne & Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic Sarah! Our grandchildren will love it. Looking forward to your next book.

    Joanne – 70 & Paul – 71

  4. CJ

    This book is a wonderful gift which I gave to my co-workers for the Holidays. The artwork is spectacular filled with so many vibrant colors ready to jump right off of the page and into the reader’s home. The fun and endearing storyline with Chloe and her little brother presents family values felt between siblings. I am excited for the next adventure Chloe and her little brother will experience together.

  5. Becky Watson (verified owner)

    This book is so sweet! Brought a tear to my eye. The illustrations are amazing. Bright, colorful, beautiful! If you don’t already have a copy, you need one! And if you do, you should get one to gift to someone you love. 🙂

  6. Angie Shaw

    Great book! Gorgeous illustrations. Fun book to read to our kids. I will be giving this as a gift to other Mom’s and Mom’s to be. Highly recommend!

  7. skyler

    Great book, really good illustrations!

  8. Eve Baum (verified owner)

    This book is colorful, beautiful and whimsical. The illustrations are magnificent. The story is entertaining. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  9. Lauren (verified owner)

    Sarah’s illustrations are fantastic!! This is an adorable story that my niece and nephew could not put down!! Can’t wait to share her next book with them!!

  10. Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Beautifully written with fun, whimsical illustrations! One of our favorite bedtime reads!


This endearing hardback book will delight parents and children alike. Inspired by my own two children, Before My Brother Came is loosely based upon the struggles my daughter faced trying to enjoy her routine activities, after the addition of her energetic, stir-crazed brother brought hair-pulling and heartwarming chaos to our family.

Join “Chloe” in this exhilarating adventure as she discovers an appreciation for the messy joys her little brother brings to everyday life, and sets off to find him and bring him back home, with the final realization that “life is so much better, after my brother came.”

-Sarah Mishler

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